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When anyone intends to travel then he/she wish to have a journey mixed with new & a different experience. Whether the travel is for study, business, medical or even pilgrimage but we always wish to have a unique experience. And that makes a particular trip a memorable one.

Then how to make your every trip an effective, memorable & successful travel? Well, first we need to categorize ourselves as what kind of traveller we can be. Travels are since civilization and there are always two broad categories.

Amateur Tourists – These kinds of travellers’ travel without any plan. Just to get lost & ready to face the challenges. Whatever comes in their way, they are always prepared to face. Sometimes, they even face life-threatening challenges. Hsuan-Tsang (China), Marco Polo (Italy), Ibn Battuta (Morocco), Vasco Da Gama (Portugal), Christopher Columbus (Italy) are a few notable explorers, who were amateur but determined to explore which was not known to others.

By fascinating with their stories, if you want to be an amateur tourist, then you should be ready to face any kind of challenge. Else you end up complaining about the destination or services. If you can’t sleep overnight in the open or can’t eat anything or can’t go beyond your extremes, then it’s better to be a mature tourist.

Mature tourists – These travellers’ travel with responsibility and maturity as they have travelled for a long time.

  1. European & Americans – They experience each part of their travel. Whether it is a hotel, library, museum, local food, monument, bar, swimming pool or even the local culture. They are not in hurry and they give time for each experience. They earn to travel.
  2. South Korean & Japanese – They are also getting mature but they are very much particular about what to experience. They are in a bit hurry but take a keen interest in the local culture & monuments and educate you to respect your country. They also learn good part from their travelling destination & apply in their life. I got so many opportunities to travel with South Koreans and they educate me so many things. They will never throw waste in public places and also not let you do. When they check out from the hotel room, everything will be at its place. They use what they have to and then keep them back from where they have picked it up. They maintain the culture of the locals and get angry if you are not punctual. They treat their guest as God. And all these habits have been practised by them just to build a good rapport of their citizen & country.
  • Tourists from any country having vast experience of travelling – They have learned from their own experiences and always look for a moment to travel.

My suggestion is to be a planned matured tourist but add a day or two for amateur activities. For example; if you visit a hill station then go out for a half-day nature trek or roam around to have your own experience. If you are on a pilgrimage trip, apart from a temple/mosque/church visit, spend some time to meditate/concentrate. Do something you don’t do or haven’t done in ages. But your activities don’t disturb nature or the locals. Start from wandering around without shoes, climbing on a tree, simply sitting and gazing the nature’s twists & turns. If possible, spend a day with locals in their homes and engage yourself in their routine works. Take the challenges with yourself according to your interest to have a unique experience. You will certainly explore something new thrill, adventure or experience. These amateur activities will be an experience that will be priceless & amazingly memorable for years to come.

Category of Tourist

Always remember, an experience is useful whether it is good or bad. Without bad, there is no existence of Good. Enjoy every challenge of your travel. Let me know if anyone of you has given yourself a challenge? Does it somehow make it memorable?



  1. Effective travellers are always a impressive travellers and they are not other than sailors 😍

  2. Well said, Mr. Abhay. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and as rightly said by J.R.R. Tolkien…”Not all those who wanders are lost..”.


    Very well said sir- an experience is useful whether it is good or bad.

    And exploring is actually very important and plays an important role to build the personality.
    And as you said you learn different things from different people. Pick up the good points and move forward.

    1. Dear Mr Bindra,

      It is truly my pleasure being this site visited by you. You belongs from hospitality industry as well as travel enthusiasts.

      Very true and we should always ready to learn from each other.

      Keep exploring this site and suggest what you like and disagree 😉

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