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Travelling is since civilization and in my words; to be civilized you need to travel. Generally, people travel to show off and brag or catch a selfie rather than to have an experience. But it’s the experience that you’ll remember, not the social share.


  • Add a pinch of planning
  • Flavour it with new experiences
  • Share this new experiences with the world
Make memories by capturing a photo / selfie.

This is how you can enjoy every moment of your travel and this experience will remain unforgettable. Certainly, you should show off by capturing a photo and sharing them on social media. But apart from that, you should capture the photos with unforgettable experiences in your mind and soul.

Let’s go on a flashback tour of your last trip or journey. What do you recall?

It’s an experience that you enjoyed or a problem faced. That was the moment when you were truly involved. When your mind and soul are experiencing & capturing the moments for you.

A place is amazingly interesting for someone whereas it stands just normal for others. The difference is simply that one finds some uniqueness at that place. Whereas the other tries to compare with preconceived notions.

Travel doesn’t become an adventure until you leave yourself behind. You must be open to new possibilities to understand travel. If you want to develop a good relationship with someone then travel with them. It will be a friendship for life.

So let’s make more moments to cherish. All you need is to explore while you travel in three essential steps as under:

  • PRE-TOUR: This is the stage before leaving for a trip to add a pinch of planning. Whenever you have free time, collect information about the destination you intend to visit. What to see, what to avoid, what not to miss and what to explore in extra time. Also important to check weather conditions, what need to include in your luggage, insurance, permits and documents required, a close day for any monuments, pre-book services if going in a peak season time, etc. need to be arranged and verified.
  • ON-TOUR: Now, you are at a travel destination. Try to explore unique things of that particular place, which is not available at your place of residence. Taste authentic flavour, shop for local handicrafts or souvenirs. If possible, indulge yourself in fairs or festivals to feel the essence of local culture. Every place is having its authenticity. Most importantly, respect the culture of the destination, do not disturb their culture, always maintain cleanliness and obey their rules.
  • POST-TOUR: Now you are back to your normal routine. Try to give a call back to the person who added extra memories for you while on the trip. This will add happiness to his as well as your life. You must have been shared on social media but also write reviews which will help the other travellers to explore better. Make sure to mention the uniqueness of your trip & things that need to be cautious about.

This way, you will feel like a responsible tourist. You will explore while you travel in the true sense.  Also helps other tourists to have a better experience.

Let's become an explorer & meet new horizons!

Travelling allows you to become so many different versions of yourself. Travelling has taught me many things I didn’t know about myself. I have explored myself as a photographer, designer, influencer, spiritual and many more other versions to discover.  

I hope this blog gives you some inspiration to travel and discover different versions of yourself. Travel is the best education. So go get lost, even if it’s just outside your doorstep!

Become an explorer & meet new horizons!


  1. Beautiful website who is giving a motivation to all those who plans to travel but could not travel for any reason.
    This website will help all those who are first time planning a trip.
    The most important part I liked in this website is the part which shared what we can do post trip. This is most inspiring.
    Life is a beautiful journey and travelling is a part of life.
    I loved this website.

    1. I appreciate your valuable comments on this website and I will cover more topics on travel. Hope I can inspire you to travel & make a difference for your next travel.

      1. Farhat Firdous

        I love travelling to different places and exploring new things in life, This website has helped me alot in terms of detailed information about how plan a trip, when to travel, what to explore in extra time. Also important to check weather conditions, what need to include in your luggage, insurance, permits and documents required, a close day for any monuments, pre-book services if going in a peak season time, etc. need to be arranged and verified.

        1. Hi Ms Farhat,

          Travelling gives you exposure to different cultures at different places which makes you explore yourself more. There are so many ways you can explore a place and it will make your trip really a memorable one.

  2. Being new to travelling I found each and every tip to be very useful and, you shared some of the most genuine and helpful tips that should be kept in mind before planning any trip.
    Kudos, for the nice work.

    1. Dear Mr Anurag,

      Thanks for your precious time taken out to comment here. I will write more blogs on travelling. Hope it will somehow help you to travel in an amazing manner. Thanks for your appreciation and I will keep the good work.

  3. It feels good to be lost in the right direction and this website will surely be helping us in this. This website also helps us in the things which are necessary in planning a trip.
    Kudos for this amazing idea.

    1. Hi Divya,

      Thanks for your time spent on this website. Lost in the right direction gives you an opportunity to learn. It will build a memorable trip. These comments make me more confident to come up with more travel ideas. Thanks once again.

      1. Kanchan saxena

        Informative, and wonderful collective information at one place and adds a bit more thrills and adventure while going through your website. It help me to explore more unique thing while travelling.
        Thanku for your help with amazing tips for tour and travels.

  4. Amazing thinking. Pre-On-Post – The level of excitement is different in all three stages. And the memories whenever recalled will cherish this thrill about how you planned, what you did and what memories you made for the rest of life.
    I will say this is different and will inspire many souls to explore the world.
    Good work. Keep it up.

    1. Dear Mr Abhas,

      Thanks for your visit to the website. Yes, if things are planned slightly better then the travel experience can be always memorable & unparallel. Do visits to explore more and if you require any help, be sure to get in touch.

      Travel as far as you can…

      1. Being a Digital Marketer and SEO Executive I am very impressed with your Blog and I will definitely follow this informative way when I travel sone beautiful places. You are guide and inspire many of us to explore the world.
        Keep going my support with you.

  5. Abhishek jagota

    This website is giving a great insight for travelling..
    I will keep these things in mind while travelling..
    I really like this page

    1. Dear Mr Abhishek,

      Thanks for your comment and I will include more blogs so that they can help you in making your trip a memorable one.

      Keep exploring….

      1. This is a wholesome stop destination for travel enthusiasts. Thanks for making it easy to understand the nuances involved in traveling. It shall me in planning better.

        1. Dear Mr Sandeep,

          Nuisance is due to ignorance. Travellers never understand that the biggest loss is theirs. Think about the Taj Mahal. For some, it is just a mausoleum having a tag of seven wonders of the world. Whereas for some others, the love is only there. The amazing carving, the whiteness of purity. For Shahjahan’s son – Aurangzeb, it was wastage of money. So feel the context of the place & its originality with its relevance.

          Happy Travelling…

  6. I really like the website as it is very informative for me to travel..
    I will follow the advise mentioned here and it is really helpful

    1. Dear Mr Shravan,

      Thanks a ton for sparing the time to comment here. It is all my pleasure that travel enthusiasts like you are inspired. Hopefully, I will be able to build a better platform for the explorers.

      Be the explorer…

  7. I loved the content and I m sure with time this platform will grow big and will become a one stop place for the travelers planning their vacation and seeking advice/tips.
    Great Work.I wish you all the very Best!

    1. Thanks a lot, Kirti. I wish that I can come up with your expectations and make a good platform for travellers.

      Keep your visits regularly to see what is good & what is not up to your expectations.. I will surely improve.

  8. I really like this website and the content along with great destinations. Will forsure connect with you for any enquiries and while planning for a trip. Hope will get good services. Keep it up brother and all the very best.

    1. Dear Mr Gaurav,

      Please feel free to communicate for any advice/suggestions for your next trip. There are services that help me to score better.

      Hope to see you regularly on this website.

      Keep exploring..

  9. I Really love this beautiful website, I personally love to traveling and I do travels a lot. But, I always get into the trouble to find out the specified information and the purpose to going at different places.
    But when I visited this website I saw lovely thoughts on this website and I came across to find real purpose of travelling to find inner peace and connect with the Nature and absolutely find myself not just to show off on the social media.
    And I would love to see the video blog also in the future.

    1. Dear Mr Aakash,

      It is really nice to know that you are regular on travelling. If you want to experience true travelling then you need to feel the destination, monument, culture, etc. Like, when you show interest in some person then only the other reciprocates. Yeah sure, the vlog will be an addition in future. Thanks for your suggestions.

      Raise your senses towards travel

  10. I really like your thinking. The website is very informative for me to travel. Thanks for this. ✌️

  11. This is a wholesome package for travel enthusiasts. Probably next time when I travel, I shall be mindful about the little details I picked from this website. Very helpful. Thanks!

    1. Dear Mr Sandeep,

      Another comment and it makes me feel that you wanted to express more.

      Hope I can make this platform more interesting & informative.

      Keep going..

  12. Divyanshu mishra

    Wonderful list here about travel related. That makes me happy. I’m just wordless.

    Thanks once again for valuable collection……………….

    1. Dear Mr Divyanshu,

      Visitors happiness is what I look for. I will also appreciate it if you can share your suggestions and what you expect more from this platform.

      Your suggestions are always welcome and I will try to match for the same.

  13. Great Abhay, keep on writing good stuff, which comes from your heart. Build up your website to be a good platform for other travel writers who can share their experiences, insights and provide tips to others. All the best. Sanjay Verma

    1. Dear Mr Verma,

      I really appreciate your valuable suggestion and this feature will be added in future. I will also request that when this feature will be added the first article will be yours.

      Keep visiting the website & give your feedback/suggestions

  14. This is so true and yet so much ignored. We often tend to focus more on the larger things and ignore the smaller things which actually can make our trip memorable.
    This is really appreciable.

    1. Dear Mr Sid

      Very true… actually these smaller things are big but by ignoring them we make it smaller.

      Thanks n regards

      Stay Safe & keep travelling 🙏

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